Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Too busy to blog...

Amelia's room is coming along, another coat of paint, shelves, more decorating and it'll be the cutest thing ever. There's a super-cool bed on Craftster-

and when she's bigger, she's definitely getting something along those lines, but different.

We have a lot of the carpet up now, removing the mastic is a pain, not much time to use the remover without Amelia around the fumes, meaning not much done at a time. However, I found that near the edges of the walls downstairs the wood changes direction and we have 2 darker strips of inlaid wood, in a simple pattern making 2 thin squares around the edge of each room downstairs, even in the entry. It will be beautiful, especially since there's not much original left downstairs, the floor, the stairs, the glass doorknobs, that might be it!

The electrician has finished the downstairs, our bedroom now has a light and just needs one more outlet, all the original outlets are grounded house-wide, My kiln is getting it's own outlet on it's own breaker tomorrow hopefully, and my studio (bedroom #4 gets track lighting.
I will never understand why all the overhead lighting was removed from the house, you can see where they patched the holes in all the ceilings, ridiculous.

I found a dead bat in the attic when I tried to pick up some of the forties newspaper it hid behind to die. When it gets warm they are NOT allowed to live here!

If the electrician stays out of the hospital we should be rid of the knob and tube wiring completely and inspected and on to other things. We got the new homebuyers credit on our taxes, so we won't have to get a bank loan to replace the porch in the spring, that is SO exciting.

I am thankful we bought a house with a great furnace. it's -5 tonight.

I've repainted most of the kitchen cabinets, knowing me a lot more color will go in there though!

I'm going to get molds and make dichroic glass knobs for the cabinets, I'm super excited about that! Expensive custom knobs on the painted garbage cabinets, lol.

Not really much going on that's different or exciting, just further along on everything and nothing is ever done.

carpet removed from my studio, the paint was already there, we'll take care of that when we do all the floors, Joe calls it my "artist's floor"

Amelia's room in progress-

Amelia's record flowers I made last week, Joe collects records, thousands of them, so Amelia is VERY into her record flowers!

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